Leather Pouches with Heart or Stripes

Leather Pouches with Heart or Stripes

from 200.00

Pouches with Stripes or Hearts:

Lining: Lightweight denim


a. Green Camouflage

b. Gray Camouflage

c. Black and White Camouflage

d. Black

e. Gray

f. Red

g. Navy

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6"x9" with heart $200

6"x9" with stripes $200

7"x10" with heart $295

7"x10" with stripes $295

9"x 12.5" with heart $250

9"x12.5" with 1 stripe $325

9"x12.5" with 2-3 stripes $325

For any special order, please send email to:


All pieces are handmade and handpainted in Sunny California.

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